I Swim Masters Team (ISMT)

ISMT is a USMS club which includes athletes who are fitness, beginner, triathlon, and competitive swimmers.  We have 17 lanes at our facility which means practices are not crowded. Workouts are constantly varied and intervals are set for different swimming speeds.  ISMT members are able to practice early to mid-mornings, noons, and weekends. 

Practices are held at the Aquajets/Foss Swim Pool
6545 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, MN

Here is the lane competition pool I Swim Masters Team practices in every day.
Swimmers listen to music underwater too!


Streamline squat jumps at practice! This is our five lane poolWe have 17 lanes total for swimming.

Pushing a bucket of weights underwater!


I Swim Masters Team gets strength workouts while swimming.  We work on the whole body by changing up what we do in the water as well as on the deck. 


New kicking drill working on holding a waterpolo ball above the head first with right hand, then left hand, and then with both hands. 

United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Membership

Starting November 1st, 2012, each swimmer needs to be registered with USMS because I Swim Masters Team is a USMS team.  We need each swimmer to provide a membership number in the first month of masters.  This is required for liability and insurance for the entire team. 

Crossfit Swim WODs


Coach Teresa has partnered with Darcy Franklin trainer and owner of Tangletown Crossfit to provide members a Crossfit Swim WOD (workout of the day).

This is an hour workout that combines swimming with Crossfit training.