Coach Teresa Briest


Teresa has been a competitive swimmer for over 25 years and loves the sport more and more.  After the end of her college swimming career Teresa decided to coach.  In 1998 she learned from the best at the University of Texas-Austin with Olympic coaches, Eddie Reese and Jill Sterkel. After that her coaching focus started with high school swimmers and has since progressed to adult swimmers.  Throughout her years of coaching Teresa has come to realize that most people don't have the technique needed for efficient swimming.  So swimming to them has been a miserable experience and some even quit.  Her goal is to help all types of swimmers, from beginners to Ironman athletes, fitness to competitive, in the pool.

When Teresa isn't at the pool coaching or swimming she enjoys CrossFit training and competing in running, triathlon, or physical challenges such as Tough Mudder.  She also competes in masters swim meets.  Teresa is the current MN State record holder in the 200 free for 35-39 age group and the 100 free in the 40-44 age group.


USMS Level II Coach

ASCA Member

USA Swimming Coach

USMS Member

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Level 2

First Aid/CPR


Critique and Development


Danger, No Swimming With Bad Form!

Swimming can be a difficult sport with multiple areas for technique improvement.  When breaking down the freestyle stroke piece by piece, a swimmer can become more efficient and therefore swim longer and faster.  Who doesn't want that?

In order to become a better swimmer sometimes less is more with a quality practice; meaning EVERY lap is swum with a purpose that is physically and or mentally challenging.

Swimming is a very technique focused sport.  There are so many little areas to change that having a technique focused coach is an advantage over the competition.  Teresa runs all lessons and swim clinics with a purpose, becoming more efficient in the water.  As a coach she wants swimmers to actively seek improvement.  And an everyday method to reinforce proper skill is with drills.  Drills should be an integral part of any successful training routine. 


I SWIM focuses on correcting swimming errors. You will learn:

Body alignment and good posture in the water
Developing good body roll for a longer more powerful stroke
Hip power
High elbow and low hand recovery
Front Quadrant Swimming
Using chest and back muscles for a powerful underwater catch

I SWIM teaches technique through drills.

Balance, Kicking, and Breathing Drills
  • kick on side
  • 2,4,6 second drill
  • head lead kick
  • 10/5/10
  • PVC drills
  • half-n-half
  • single arm swim
Recovery Drills


  • fingertip drag
  • stick it
  • catch up hand to wrist
  • reach back
Underwater Catch Drills
  • sculling
  • fists swim
  • doggie paddle
  • egg beater scull
  • extreme catch up
  • underwater swim
  • 3 scoop switch